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Dragon scales of given color offer a basic resistance, plus if they are transformed into a piece of dragon armor (scale mail, shield, gauntlets or helmet) and blessed, they gain an additional power. Gauntlet powers have a chance to activate on any attack made by the player, while helmet breaths are used with #invoke command.

Color Dragon scales (and all other armor types) Dragon scale mail (if blessed) Dragon shield (if blessed) Dragonhide gauntlets (if blessed) Dragon helmet (if blessed)
blue shock resistance speed passive 1d6 shock +1d10 shock lightning breath
black disintegration resistance half physical damage passive 2% disintegrate 2% disintegrate disintegrating breath
gray magic resistance disenchant resistance passive 2% cancel 2% cancel striking breath
green posion resistance sickness resistance passive 1d6 poison 2% poison instadeath poison cloud breath
orange sleep resistance, hallucination resistance free action passive slow 10% sleep sleep ray breath
red fire resistance sliming resistance passive 1d6 fire +1d10 fire fire breath
silver reflection - passive scare monster +1d10 magic missile magic missile breath
white cold resistance water resistance (protect inventory, swim) passive 1d6 cold +1d10 cold cold breath
yellow acid resistance petrification resistance passive 1d6 acid +1d10 acid acid breath
gold blind resistance + light radius half spell damage passive blind +1d10 light solar beam breath
shimmering displacement teleport control passive stun 10% teleport other teleport other breath
deep drain resistance death resistance passive drain life drain life draining breath