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Firstly, I'd like to say that the wards system from dNetHack is wonderful way how to replace Elbereth and I really love how it works. Based on the idea of different wards protecting the player from different threats, I came up with an idea of improving/adding several rings to improve and replace the current behaviour of the ring of protection from shape changers, which I feel is nearly useless as it fills a small and rarely encountered niche and generally is found or identified too late to be of any use.

Anyway, rings of protection from foo are an auxiliary system to the wards system, increasing your chances to have a countermeasure to a situation where you need an extra edge against a powerful opponent. While these rings won't directly save you by scaring all monsters as Elbereth or a ward would, they have several effects making you safer around specific monster types.

Each ring of protection from foo has the powers as follows:

  • apply for a direction prompt to scare an adjacent monster of the given type, somewhat like a ring engraved with a ward in dNetHack;
  • wear to get a BUC-based chance of the monster recoiling whenever they try to melee the player.

Ring Notes
ring of protection from aberrations Wards against unnatural monsters (e, p, t, Q, R, mind flayers and any Lovecraftian horrors).
ring of protection from animals Wards against c, q, r, u and B.
ring of protection from beasts Wards against d and f, plus other predators such as bears.
ring of protection from chaos Wards against i and &.
ring of protection from constructs Wards against golems, plus other unliving foes (animated items, clockwork automatons, gargoyles, robots etc.).
ring of protection from dragonkind Wards against dragons and draconic monsters (draconians, hydras, wyverns etc.).
ring of protection from elementals Wards against v, y, E and X.
ring of protection from fae Wards against leprechauns, n and invisible stalkers.
ring of protection from fish Wards against ;.
ring of protection from giantkind Wards against giants, ogres and trolls.
ring of protection from good Wards against A.
ring of protection from humanoids Wards against all humanoids (dwarves, elves, gnomes, goblins, hobbits, humans and orcs), but not monstrous humanoids or giants.
ring of protection from insect Wards against a, s, w, x and U.
ring of protection from law Wards against the Watch, Keystone Kops / Keter Sephiroth and modrons.
ring of protection from magi Wards against all spellcasting monsters, not only blocking melee attacks, but also any spells directed at the player (does nothing against buffs and summoning).
ring of protection from monsters Wards against monstrous humanoids and hybrids (centaurs, kobolds, gnolls, minotaurs, nagas and zruty, plus also merfolk or harpies).
ring of protection from ooze Wards against b, j and P.
ring of protection from plants Wards against fungi, plus other plant monsters (treants, ferns, giant spores, maybe even wood trolls and vegetarian oozes).
ring of protection from reptiles Wards against S and :.
ring of protection from shapeshifters Retains its current powers in addition to the new warding against all monsters capable of shape shifting.
ring of protection from thieves Wards against stealing attacks.
ring of protection from undead Wards against all undead.
ring of protection from wonders Wards against jabberwocks, plus any similar Wonderland or dream-like monsters.


  • I'm not sure whether Y should go under animals, humanoids or monsters, so I'm leaving them out for now...
  • I'm thinking something like 20% chance to ward off monster attack for uncursed ring and 33% for blessed one, with cursed ring having no effect.
  • Cursed rings could make all monsters of the given types warned against the player.
  • Blessed rings could give warning against the given monster types, if that's not considered overly powerful.
  • If they are made chargeable, the chance of warding off monster attack could be based on enchantment.
  • May also be renamed to rings of ward against foo.