Silver long sword

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) Silver long sword.png
Name silver long sword
Appearance silver long sword
Damage vs. small 1d8 +(1d20)
Damage vs. large 1d12 +(1d20)
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill long sword
Size one-handed
Base price 75 zm
Weight 48
Material silver

A silver long sword is a type of weapon found in SLASH'EM. It shares all properties with the ordinary long sword, save that it is made of silver. It is therefore also inherently fooproof, and its weight also increases by 8. However, it is also ineligible to dip for Excalibur; doing so will not rust it, but does risk cursing it.

SLASH'EM does not have any artifact silver long swords.

Other variants

In variants that implement object materials, such as SpliceHack and xNetHack, some items may be generated made from different materials. In these variants, a "silver long sword" is simply an ordinary long sword with a different material, not a distinct item type. This means it can be used to dip for Excalibur, though doing so will change its material to iron. Because iron and silver have the same relative weight, silver long swords weigh the same as iron ones.

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