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A quick flavour idea that draws at the nice quirk of both Samurai and Pirate roles: they both have some of their items renamed to reflect their differing origins.

I'd love to see this expanded to potions of booze, which I think are the prime candidate to rename for each role, as it hurts no one and can be nice to see your avatar drinking his favorite beverage.

Role names take precedence over race names.

Role Race
anachronaut synthehol automaton machine oil
healer medicinal alcohol dwarf beer
noble vintage wine elf elven wine
pirate rum orc vodka
priest altar wine vampire tru blood
samurai sake
tourist cocktail
valkyrie mead

  • Synthehol is from Star Trek, of course.
  • As for the tourists... Everyone knows you can't resist the lure of these colorful drinks while on a sunny beach or in a dank dungeon. :P
  • Mead was a heroic warrior drink in Old English and Viking legends.
  • Mechanical beings haev to like machine oil, right? Still behaves like a potion of booze, not like a potion of oil.
  • Vodka is a tough alcohol for tough orcs. Really, I just like the mental image of orcs as bitter northerners.
  • Tru blood is a reference to the True Blood series, a synthetic blood substitute.