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There are two types of lamp in NetHack:

Lamps are made of copper.

Encyclopaedia entry

When he came to himself he told his mother what had passed,
and showed her the lamp and the fruits he had gathered in the
garden, which were in reality precious stones. He then asked
for some food.

"Alas! child," she said, "I have nothing in the house, but I
have spun a little cotton and will go and sell it."

Aladdin bade her keep her cotton, for he would sell the lamp
instead. As it was very dirty she began to rub it, that it
might fetch a higher price. Instantly a hideous genie
appeared, and asked what she would have. She fainted away,
but Aladdin, snatching the lamp, said boldly:
"Fetch me something to eat!"
        [ Aladdin, from The Arabian Nights, by Andrew Lang ]

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