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Beams are directional effects produced by certain wands and spells.

Beams are similar to rays in that they affect a series of tiles in a specified direction over a limited range (or can be aimed at yourself). However, beams do not bounce, are not animated on screen, and in many cases will not auto-identify. Beams are halted by doors, with the exception of force bolts and wands of striking, which will destroy the door and affect the tiles behind it.

Unlike rays, most beams are not subject to to-hit rolls. Force bolt is the single exception.

The range of a beam wand is 6 to 13 squares.[1] For each monster hit, range decreases by 3.[2] For each square objects are affected, range decreases by 1.[3] Beams don't bounce and can't be reflected.

An angry god who fails to destroy you with lighting will try again with a wide-angle disintegration beam directed at you.

The following items allow you to use beams.



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