Spellbook of cancellation

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spellbook of
+   cancellation   Light green spellbook.png
Appearance random
Abundance 1.52%
Base price 700 zm
Weight 50
Turns to read 64
Ink to write 35–69
Spell type matter
Level 7
Power cost 35 Pw
Direction beam
Equivalent wand of cancellation

Allows you to learn the cancellation spell. When cast, it creates a beam which cancels monsters and objects which it hits. Monsters are entitled to a resistance check against the effect.

This spellbook is the only book that cannot be cancelled into a spellbook of blank paper by the spell or wand of cancellation.


Main article: cancellation

Cancellation removes magical properties of items and monsters it hits. See the main article for the full list, but when zapped at yourself most notably it will make all items uncursed, remove their enchantments and/or charges, turn most potions to water, and blank any scrolls or spellbooks. It can be used to get rid of cursed gear, by dropping any items which would be adversely affected and zapping yourself. Generally, a spellbook of remove curse is preferable for this task, though, since it does not require dropping your items and will not remove enchantment from weapons and armor.

When zapped at monsters, cancellation can remove certain types of special attacks. This must pass a monster MR check, though. This makes it nearly useless against many of the monsters one would want to use cancellation against, such as liches.

Overall, the spell is of questionable utility: it is very difficult to cast, finger of death costs the same while killing most monsters outright, and a single wand of cancellation is usually enough for all of one's cancellation needs.

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