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I've posted several YANIs on RGRN, and I am frequently in #unnethack. Most of my work so far has been in improving the wiki, especially in regards to UnNetHack information. I am known as tedav in IRC. I have commit access for UnNetHack

Note: I have been extremely busy the past month or two and thus have been very inactive on the forum and in #unnethack. I thought I'd mention that I haven't left for good, but don't know when I will be back to being active in the community.

Ideas implemented so far into UnNetHack (mostly coded by others)

- breaking wands creates traps

- confused scroll of stinking cloud creates gas spores

- change to luck functionality, and related luck draining monster (aaxelb came up with the specifics of the evil eye)

- probing teleports quantum mechanics

- shambling horrors in the sanctum

- probing Cthulhu makes player confused

- evil eye drops corpses; eating them has an impact on luck dependent on BUC

- new gas spore that explodes into a stinking cloud (implemented as part of Guest_41's Dungeon fern patch)

- Random potion effects from quaffing from a sink can include vampire blood, depending on luck and whether the player is a vampire. The BUC state of random potion effects can also be affected by luck. (did some of coding for this one)

- In addition to the "Saved by the bell!" grave with a bell on top, include a "Apres moi, le deluge." grave with a scroll of flood on top.

- New false rumor "Angels only tell lies, and do not exist"

- Confused reading of blessed scroll of stinking cloud also creates generic fern spores. (part of Guest_41's continuing work on ferns)

- New hallucinatory message - arctic ferns freezing water "you hear someone selling hot chocolate"

- New vault that contains ferns

- Kicking a dead tree has a chance of disturbing a raven

- Curse items can infect the contents of cursed containers

- New monster: Uranium Imps (from Homestuck) teleports itself and the player around the dungeon and runs away if you #chat it (now also in dNetHack)

- Eating a disenchanter corpse can randomly remove an intrinsic

- Ravens attack evil eyes (and Beholders if we ever implement them) like they already do with floating eyes

- Coin flipping uses a different random function from the rest of the game so it can't be used to determine the random seed

- Vampires in coffins have standard inventory

UnNetHack stuff I added myself

- Rodney can appear as an Earth Elemental

- Reading a scroll of light while confused creates yellow lights - if it was cursed, it creates black lights

- You can sometimes find a coffin when digging up a grave

- Skeletons might drop skeleton keys

- Players killed by Nazgul arise as Barrow Wights

- The Oracle Level uses different monster generation


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