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Eladrin are chaotic angels in dNetHack. Each type has a humanoid form and an energy form. They will shift to the energy form once their HP drops below 50%, and may return to their humanoid forms once their HP goes back above 50%. Eladrin typically don't drop their equipment when changing to their energy form, and will re-equip their weapons and armor automatically as they return to their humanoid forms. Eladrin are typically highly resistant to physical damage. In their humanoid form, they are protected by their armor, in energy form they take 14 base weapon damage. All Eladrin but Tulani can appear in throne rooms, with an elvenking/elvenqueen presiding over. Some of the types of Eladrin are generated on the Planes as well.

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High-caste Eladrin

In each game, there is a caste of Eladrin that is the highest and most powerful caste that exists in the modern age. There are multiple possibilities for which type of Eladrin is the highest caste, and the other possibilities do not spawn naturally. One possibility is chosen randomly each game.

  • 26 chance of Tulani Eladrin
  • 16 chance of Gae Eladrin
  • 16 chance of Brighid Eladrin
  • 16 chance of Uiscerre Eladrin
  • 16 chance of Caillea Eladrin

Eladrin Precursors

In each game, there was a species in ancient times that was the precursor to modern Eladrin. These precursors can still be found in modern times, in the form of statues in specific locations. There are multiple possibilities for the precursor species, and only one of them will appear in each game. One possibility is chosen randomly each game.

  • 68 chance of being the same as the modern highest-caste Eladrin
  • 18 chance of Dracae Eladrin
  • 18 chance of polypoid beings disguised as the modern highest-caste Eladrin

Coure Eladrin

Coure Eladrin use their star blades automatically, with a chance of attacking each adjacent monster every turn. They are skipped in their main attack sequence.

Mote of light

Noviere Eladrin

7 Noviere are always generated on the Plane of Water.

Water dolphin

Bralani Eladrin

2 Bralani are always generated on the Plane of Earth.

Singing sand

Firre Eladrin

4 Firre are always generated on the Plane of Fire.

It shouldn't be any surprise that there are eladrins who devote themselves to art, music, and magic. The firres (pronounced feers) are creatures who live for beauty; their lives are consumed by a fiery passion for art of any kind, and they strive to make their own existence a living image of wonder and delight.

The firre eladrins live as wandering minstrels and bards in Arborea, attending the courts of more powerful eladrins or tarrying to entertain a circle of coures in a forgotten dell. Their pursuit of beauty leads them to any place where art, skill, or grace is held in high esteem. A body could run across a firre traveling the Outlands or visiting the palaces of neutral-aligned powers just as easily as he'd find one in Arborea. Firres have a deep love and appreciation of mortal art, and often embark on lengthy sojourns on the Prime Material Plane to seek out works of excellence.

In their demihuman, firre eladrins resemble stocky elves with brilliant red hair and fiery red eyes. At first glance, a firre might be taken for a half-elf, but her eyes give her away; they have no iris or pupil, and glow brightly with the firre's inner flame. Firres can also transform themselves into man-size pillars or balls of fire.
[ Monstrous Manual, Planescape Appendix 2 ]

Dancing flame

Shiere Eladrin

The shiere knights are the second most dangerous eladrin type in the Tower, as they have powerful crystal equipment.

The warriors of Arborea are the shieres, graceful eladrin knights who fight with skill, strength, and honor. They're the defenders of the eladrin courts, a shining host that seeks out evil intruders and ensures that no darkness will trouble the Queen of Stars or her people. By night the shieres gather together in bright companies to ride the wilds of Olympus and drive away any who would do the folk of Arborea harm.

The shieres appear to be exceptionally tall high elves of some kind. They're long-limbed and slender, with lanky frames and long, narrow faces and hands. A shiere's as strong as the mightiest mortal warrior despite his slender build. All shieres are very fair-skinned, with pale golden or silver hair and piercing eyes of blue, green, or violet.

Unlike the other eladrins, shieres're bound more permanently into their demihuman form and can change shape only into a harmless ball of faerie-light, similar to that of a coure eladrin.
[ Monstrous Manual, Planescape Appendix 2 ]

Ball of light

Balls of light have no attacks and do nothing but run away.

Ghaele Eladrin

The ghaeles are the knights errant of the eladrins. Wherever evil and tyranny raise their ugly heads, the ghaeles respond. Working behind the scenes, they quietly muster resistance and offer guidance to any creatures of good heart with the courage to stand against their oppressors. More than any other eladrins, the ghaeles are accustomed to working from behind the veil.

Ghaeles resemble tall, athletic high elves. They might easily be taken noble elves if not for their pearly, opalescent eyes and radiant aura. Of course, a ghaele may be wearing any manner of mortal guise when encountered away from Arborea. Ghaele eladrins can also take the form of an incorporeal cloud of luminous energy.
[ Monstrous Manual, Planescape Appendix 2 ]

Luminous cloud

Tulani Eladrin

Tulani are one of the most dangerous Eladrin types. They have powerful equipment, and cast 9d6-damage random element spells (chosen from fire, cold, and shock).

Tulani make good pets, as they are human sized and start with good equipment. They are not generated with a weapon of any kind, so you may need to give them a mattock or two-handed sword. One high-caste Eladrin is always generated on the Plane of Water.

The greatest of the eladrins are the tulani, or faerie lords. Their courts are scattered throughout Olympus, never staying in the same place more than one night. The tulani are peaceful in nature and take up arms only when Arborea itself is threatened or the direst of emergencies requires their attention.

Tulani're creatures of unearthly beauty and grace; their voices are living music, and their faces shine so brightly that mortals find it difficult to look at them. In form they're tall, stately elven lords dressed in shimmering robes of shifting color. A tulani is surrounded by a magical aura that evil creatures cannot bear to be near. Tulani eladrins can also take the form of an incorporeal globe of eldritch colors, 5' in diameter.

Visitors to Arborea who seek out the tulani courts soon find out that the eladrins aren't easy to find when they want to avoid someone. When a cutter finally gets to meet with a tulani, he's wise to keep his bone-box shut and mind his manners. The tulani don't tolerate insolence or disrespect from mortals, but are gracious hosts when their guests behave themselves.
[ Monstrous Manual, Planescape Appendix 2 ]

Ball of radiance

Gae Eladrin

Gae are one of the most dangerous Eladrin types. They have unique equipment, a unique attack form, and cast single-target elemental spells.

Gae make good pets, as they are human sized and start with good equipment. One high-caste Eladrin is always generated on the Plane of Water.

Warden tree

Warden trees are stationary, rapidly casting ice storm, geyser, mass cure, and draining spells.

Dracae Eladrin

Dracae Eladrin are semi-unique ancient Eladrin precursors. They are never generated randomly, instead only appear in certain defined locations, and even then only in 1/8th of games. They rapidly birth additional Eladrin with non-standard equipment sets.

Mothering mass

Mothering masses also make passive 4d4 physical-damage tentacel attacks against any adjacent foes.

When in the form of a mothering mass, Dracae offspring appear in their energy forms.

Eladrin Lords and Ladies

The Eladrin Lords and Ladies are unique monsters who are the rulers of the Eladrin. They are intended to play a role similar to the demon lords. At present, the Lords and Ladies are present in the code, but most can't be encountered in the game.

Encyclopedia entry (Eladrin)

The eladrins are the native race of Arborea, just as the devils are associated with the Nine Hells and the demons with the Abyss. They're wild and free beings who exult in their own existence and live a life of song and celebration. The eladrins aid all people of good hearts against the forces of evil, but seek to do so with individual acts of kindness or heroism.
[ Monstrous Manual, Planescape Appendix 2 ]