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. Acid venom.png
Name acid venom
Appearance acid venom
Base price 0 zm
Weight 1
. Blinding venom.png
Name blinding venom
Appearance blinding venom
Base price 0 zm
Weight 1

Some monsters spit venom at you, which acts a projectile attack. This takes the form of either

  • blinding venom, which blinds you as a cream pie when you are hit by it, or
  • acid venom, which deals d6 acid damage.

Juiblex and black nagas spit acid venom; guardian nagas and cobras spit blinding venom.

Internally, objects for venom exist (to act as the projectiles); however they always disappear upon hitting anything. A wizard mode wish can create them in a more permanent form, however. They are listed under the inventory heading "Venoms", and both appear as "a splash of venom" when unidentified; when thrown, they will have the expected effects.

Occasionally, acid/blinding venom objects can be randomly generated in Slash'EM Extended. In both versions, attempting to engrave with this item prompts a YAFM: "Writing a poison pen letter??"

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