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For monsters being scared of the player, see Scare.

In SpliceHack, the player can sometimes become too afraid to control their actions.


The effects of being afraid are similar to the effects of being stunned or confused. The player cannot control the direction of their actions. The player also loses control of teleports and polymorphs.



Fear-inducing gaze attacks can be avoided by being blind. Becoming blind after becoming afraid does not remove the fear, however.

A dragon's roar will not scare a player who is both blind and deaf. There is also a random chance of resisting becoming afraid of a roar.


  • waiting for the effect to time out
  • drinking booze ("liquid courage")


Players should save all the booze they can in case they become afraid. In particular, blessed booze can dispel the afraid effect without also causing confusion. There are many guaranteed potions of booze at the Bar: pick them up and keep them safe.

A more drastic measure is to annihilate (genocide) all dragons: the other sources of fear are rarer and easier to deal with. However there are severe downsides to doing so: dragons drop valuable corpses and dragon scales when they die. Additionally dragons can be good pets. Annihilating dragons is probably only worth it to players pursuing the teetotal (no alcohol) unofficial conduct.