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The Dragon monsters in SpliceHack are more powerful than in NetHack.

Notable changes

  • Dragons have adjectives that describe their age categories. The level of a dragon determines its age category.
    • These categories are: "young", "very young", "juvenile", "adult", "mature", "old", "very old", "venerable", "eternal", "antediluvian", and "primeval".
  • Dragons encountered in the dungeon have an age-category-based chance to have a cool name, like "Buzaulax".
  • The higher level a dragon is, the more damage its breath weapon will deal.
  • Different color dragons have slightly different anatomies:
    • Blue dragons butt with a horn rather than using claws, and are slightly faster. Black dragons are treated as having a pair of horns, which they can butt with. Green dragons stalk the player.
  • Dragons occasionally roar at the player. This can inflict the afraid status effect, making the player flee from the dragon.
    • If you can see or hear the dragon, it will frighten you, so you'll need to be both blind and deaf in order to prevent this effect.
    • Drinking liquid courage dispels the Afraid condition.
  • In order to offset their powerful abilities, dragons periodically slumber. Running from a dragon and hoping it decides to rest is a valid strategy.

Shimmering dragon

Shimmering dragons in SpliceHack are similar to those in SLASH'EM. They have displacement. The adult form of the shimmering dragon breathes magic missiles and has player-style magic resistance, but the baby shimmering dragon does not.

Violet dragon

Violet dragons are affiliated with sonic energy. The breath of a purple dragon deals sonic damage, and can shatter glass items, making them dangerous to player inventories. Their scales are one of the few sources of sonic resistance in the game.

Ooze dragon

Ooze dragons are one of the elder dragons of SpliceHack. Although somewhat slow, their powerful attacks, ability to engulf enemies, and amorphous nature make them an excellent polymorph form.

Razor dragon

Razor dragons are an extremely dangerous variety of elder dragon. They are very fast, can deal massive amounts of damage, and take a very long time to kill. Their scales grant speed.

Filth dragon

Filth dragons are elder dragons that are notable for their ability to spread disease. Their scales grant sickness resistance, and are often a target of wishes.

Hex dragon

Hex dragons are dangerous spellcasters, and possess the ability to phase through walls. Their scales grant magic resistance.

Void dragon

Void dragons are arguably the most deadly monsters in SpliceHack. Their claw attacks can disintegrate items, as well as monsters without disintegration resistance. They do not generate randomly, however.

Void dragons make excellent pets due to their offensive capabilities. Their scales grant disintegration resistance.