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The Amiga family of personal computers were introduced by Commodore in 1985, and unlike its competitors had custom hardware for sound and graphics. The Amiga line was officially discontinued when Commodore went bankrupt in 1994, but the Amiga community continued releasing software for it long afterwards.

NetHack 3.0.0, released in 1989, was the first version of NetHack with official support for the Amiga; both NetHack 2.3e and 3.0 were also ported to the Amiga by Olaf Seibert, according to the game history. The Amiga port was dropped for 3.3.0,[1] but "resurrected" in 3.3.1. The Amiga continued to be supported until NetHack 3.4.3, which remained the newest version of NetHack from 2003 to 2015.

It is unknown if NetHack 3.6.4 can build or run on the Amiga, according to that version's README.

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