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Below is the full text to bitmfile.h from the source code of NetHack 3.6.1. To link to a particular line, write [[Source:NetHack 3.6.1/include/bitmfile.h#line123]], for example.

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 * Bitmap mit Farbtabelle als *
 * Graphik-Datei speichern		 *
 * Autor: Gabriel Schmidt		 *
 * (c} 1992 by MAXON-Computer *
 * -> Header-Datei						 *
 #ifndef H_TO_FILE
 #define H_TO_FILE
 /*	#include <portab.h>	*/
 #define UWORD unsigned short
 #define ULONG unsigned long
 #define UBYTE unsigned char
 #define XIMG_MAGIC 0x58494D47
 typedef enum { IMG, XIMG } FILE_TYP;
 const char *get_file_ext(FILE_TYP typ);
 struct RGB {
     UWORD r, g, b;
 int bitmap_to_file(FILE_TYP typ, int ww, int wh, unsigned int pwx,
                    unsigned int pwy, unsigned int planes, unsigned int colors,
                    const char *filename,
                    void (*get_color)(unsigned int colind, struct RGB *rgb),
                    void (*get_pixel)(int x, int y, unsigned int *colind));