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Source code is the code of a program that is not yet compiled into an OS-usable binary. NetHack is programmed in C, a portable language that compiles on many systems. The NetHack programmers, the DevTeam, are a dedicated but conservative bunch, releasing new versions very infrequently. The latest NetHack sources are available at ( Earlier versions are available at (

NetHackWiki provides an annotated version of the NetHack 3.6.1 source code. The original source code is distributed under the NetHack General Public License; our annotations use the GNU Free Documentation License. Read Project:Copyrights for detailed copyright information.

Here at NetHackWiki, anyone, including you, can annotate the source code. You can get an overview of the sources by reading the Beginner's Guide To NetHack Sources or just dive in!

An indicator like "(20% annotated)" indicates that someone has documented about 20% of the code for that file. All others are not yet annotated. (Please help!)




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See SLASH'EM_0.0.7E7F2_source_code.