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Below is the full text to mfndpos.h from the source code of NetHack 3.6.1. To link to a particular line, write [[Source:NetHack 3.6.1/include/mfndpos.h#line123]], for example.

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 /* NetHack 3.6	mfndpos.h	$NHDT-Date: 1432512776 2015/05/25 00:12:56 $  $NHDT-Branch: master $:$NHDT-Revision: 1.12 $ */
 /* Copyright (c) Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, 1985. */
 /*-Copyright (c) Michael Allison, 2005. */
 /* NetHack may be freely redistributed.  See license for details. */
 #ifndef MFNDPOS_H
 #define MFNDPOS_H
 #define ALLOW_MDISP 0x00001000L /* can displace a monster out of its way */
 #define ALLOW_TRAPS 0x00020000L /* can enter traps */
 #define ALLOW_U 0x00040000L     /* can attack you */
 #define ALLOW_M 0x00080000L     /* can attack other monsters */
 #define ALLOW_TM 0x00100000L    /* can attack tame monsters */
 #define NOTONL 0x00200000L      /* avoids direct line to player */
 #define OPENDOOR 0x00400000L    /* opens closed doors */
 #define UNLOCKDOOR 0x00800000L  /* unlocks locked doors */
 #define BUSTDOOR 0x01000000L    /* breaks any doors */
 #define ALLOW_ROCK 0x02000000L  /* pushes rocks */
 #define ALLOW_WALL 0x04000000L  /* walks thru walls */
 #define ALLOW_DIG 0x08000000L   /* digs */
 #define ALLOW_BARS 0x10000000L  /* may pass thru iron bars */
 #define ALLOW_SANCT 0x20000000L /* enters temples */
 #define ALLOW_SSM 0x40000000L   /* ignores scare monster */
 #ifdef NHSTDC
 #define NOGARLIC 0x80000000UL /* hates garlic */
 #define NOGARLIC 0x80000000L /* hates garlic */
 #endif /* MFNDPOS_H */