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This wiki has link templates for producing boxes that float to the right and show links to other wiki projects. In most cases, we have been simply using links like Gameinfo:NetHack, rather than calling internal templates like this. But we have Template:Wikipedia on a few pages. An older version of the Main Page used some of these templates.

Shown to the right are calls to:

  • {{wikipedia|NetHack}}
  • {{gameinfo|NetHack}}
  • {{novelas|NetHack}}

The template parameter is optional. Just using {{wikipedia}} in a NetHackWiki article, for example, will link it to the Wikipedia article of the same name (or search Wikipedia in case the article does not exist).

To customise the box more, one can use Template:Generic project link, as demonstrated in the next example:

What appears What you type
{{generic project link| project=Gameinfo| image=fair-use-gameinfo-logo.png| text=[[Gameinfo:Main Page|Gameinfo]] has a category for:| link=[[Gameinfo:Category:Battle for Wesnoth|]]}}

This template provides a box which floats to the right, as shown here. It can substitute for the specific project link when the specific template is unavailable. In this example, we use the template to reach a category at Gameinfo.

Now follows a list of available templates.

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