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The logo of RogueBasin

RogueBasin is a wiki about roguelike games in general, now located at ... you can now participate by creating an account.

Some interesting pages:

In addition, RogueBasin has many pages about individual roguelike games and some pages about roguelike programming. Some roguelike developers create pages about their own games, while a few players post reviews of the games.

Conditions for RogueBasin editors

While RogueBasin was at, Spam forced it to restrict editing to registered users and to block the creation of new user accounts, except through an alternate process publicised in some Usenet groups but not the wiki itself. In practice, this made registering an account and contributing to RogueBasin somewhat worthless, because few others would be able to create an account and edit those contributions.

Thus The Quest for the new RogueBasin. Users of discussed new hosting for RogueBasin. DarkGod, the maintainer of ToME, gave a copy of the MediaWiki 1.3.9 database to Björn Bergström of The wiki has now finally replaced the default MediaWiki flower with a new logo from an old logo contest. Also, you can now register an account on the wiki. The site is currently using MediaWiki version 1.15, a rather recent version.

Statistical comparison between RogueBasin and NetHackWiki

RogueBasin currently uses a slightly older version of MediaWiki, a popular wiki engine that we share with them, while we have the latest stable version. We at NetHackWiki can do a few things that RogueBasin editors currently cannot; for example, we can upload screenshots to our articles.

Comparative chart (as of 2011-01-27)
Wiki RogueBasin NetHackWiki
Scope All roguelike games, including NetHack, Angband, ... NetHack, with occasional mention of derivatives like SLASH'EM
License GNU Free Documentation License NetHackWiki:Copyrights
WikiEngine MediaWiki 1.15.0 MediaWiki 1.16.1
Content pages 1128 3,545
Image uploads disabled enabled for logged-in users