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DECgraphics is an option that displays walls as continuous lines rather than as broken dashes, which is the best that plain ASCII can do. It also displays certain dungeon features with distinct symbols. DECgraphics is a smaller character set than IBMgraphics, so it is missing some symbols, particularly on the Rogue level.

DECgraphics requires a display device that displays DEC Special Graphics. DEC Special Graphics works by sending the terminal an escape code which tells it to toggle to an alternate character set with line drawing characters. The curses SYMSET also uses DEC Special Graphics to approximate IBMgraphics.

To use DECgraphics, the option must be set to TRUE, either in-game or in the configuration file.

The complete symbol list

Because the DEC Special Graphics character set is limited and lacks the double line drawing characters, the Rogue level is rendered using only normal ASCII characters.

The symbols affected by DECgraphics in the normal dungeon are listed here. DEC Special Graphics is a 7bit system. The code points listed here use the NetHack internal representation, which sets the 8th bit high.

Code point Usage Appearance ASCII
0xf8 vertical wall |
0xf1 horizontal wall -
0xec top left corner -
0xeb top right corner -
0xed bottom left corner -
0xea bottoom right corner -
0xee cross wall -
0xf6 T up wall -
0xf7 T down wall -
0xf5 T left wall |
0xf4 T right wall |
0xfe normal door · .
0xe1 vertical open door -
0xe1 horizontal open door |
0xfc bars ≠ or π #
0xe7 tree ± #
0xfe room · .
0xf9 up ladder <
0xfa down ladder >
0xfb altar π or _ _
0xe0 pool }
0xfe ice · .
0xe0 lava }
0xfe vertical open drawbridge · .
0xfe horizontal open drawbridge · .
0xe0 under water }
0xf8 vertical beam |
0xf1 horizontal beam -
0xef swallow top center -
0xf8 swallow middle left |
0xf8 swallow middle right |
0xf3 swallow bottom center -
0xef explosion top center -
0xf8 explosion middle left |
0xf8 explosion middle right |
0xf3 explosion bottom center -

In the above table, "bars" and "altar" are listed with two appearances. The first applies to 3.6.3 or newer.

The second applies to 3.6.2 and prior.

These symbols can be reinstated by putting the following line into the configuration file: