Death by boredom

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Death by Boredom

Death by Boredom is an all too common problem among many players. You get frustrated playing along slowly and decide "It's probably ok to hold down . or , for a hundred or so turns while my power comes back." And then you get killed by a newt, robbed of your +7 Stormbringer/Grayswandir by a nymph, or have your pet dragon get confused from hunger and turn on you.

TIP: The more safe way to stand waiting for your HP to restore is to type "99s" or something like, in this case you stop to wait before something dangerous happens.

The Initial Shock

The first response is generally along the lines of, "WHAT!!??? NOOOOOO!"

The Frustrated Laugh

Then you regain your composure and have a little mirthless laugh at your own stupidity and vow to never do it again.

The New Game

In your next game, (especially if you start right away) you will feel entitled to be farther than you are and rush just a little too much, and suffer yet another DEATH BY BOREDOM!

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