Yet Another Stupid Death

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Yet Another Stupid Death (also Yet Another Annoying Death; Commonly abbreviated to YASD or YAAD) is used when a player has done something, usually avoidable, that leads to his or her demise. Common YASDs in NetHack include:

  • Hitting a floating eye in melee combat, then getting nibbled to death by a newt while paralyzed
  • Attempting to engage melee combat with very low HP left
  • Being killed by a water demon or snake after quaffing from a fountain in hopes of getting a wish
  • Not noticing that your character has gotten weak from hunger, then being attacked when he/she faints
  • Not noticing that your character is satiated, then greedily eating a corpse for intrinsics and choking
  • Touching/eating/fighting while bare handed/otherwise manipulating a cockatrice, its corpse, or its egg
  • Drowning in water or lava
  • genociding oneself
  • Eating rotten food after recently praying
  • Eating something you shouldn't eat (Medusa's corpse - "hey, there's a melon on the ground!")
  • Zapping a Wand of Death (or some other powerful ray) at a wall and getting hit by the reflection
  • Wandering near a known giant eel/kraken position
  • Death by Boredom
  • Kicking and injuring your foot resulting in death due to low health
  • Falling off your knight's starting pony after attempting to ride it at XL 1
  • Wishing for a cross-aligned artifact, and having it blast you to death
  • Forgetting about the power of Elbereth
  • Killed by water snakes when trying to drink from a sink
  • Dying in possession of an identified amulet of life saving, but not wearing it simply because you forgot to put it on.
  • Forgetting that you have low health when restoring a save file and immediately starting to explore.

Some players distinguish YASD from YAAD, using YAAD or DYWYPI for random, unavoidable events such as falling onto poison spikes (provided the pit wasn't already known, of course), and reserving YASD for pilot error. The dividing line depends on the player; to an expert, almost all deaths are avoidable YASD.

Amusingly enough, YASDs can happen to monsters as well, such as them bouncing a beam off a wall back to themselves.

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