Deck of fate

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This is a SpliceHack item which grants random effects when you draw a card from it. The bad effects could kill you, and many of the good effects are minor, so overall it's a bad idea to draw from it. (Especially drawing multiple cards at once!)

  1. The Tower - Magical and fiery explosions on self.
  2. The Wheel of Fortune - Draw two other cards.
  3. The Devil - Summons a demon.
  4. The Fool - Abuses int and wis.
  5. Death - Summons the Grim Reaper.
  6. Judgment - You are punished.
  7. The Emperor - Curses two items.
  8. The Hermit - Random levelport and amnesia and aggravates the local monsters.
  9. The Hanged Man - Summons a rope golem.
  10. Justice - You are paralyzed.
  11. Temperance - Destroys two worn items.
  12. The Lovers - Summons a random foocubus. (this effect and those below are nominally "good", though the foocubus may be of no use to your character)
  13. The Magician - Increases your maximum power and refills it.
  14. Strength - Increases your strength.
  15. The High Priestess - Gain alignment.
  16. The Hierophant - Creates an altar, if the floor under you isn't already a dungeon feature.
  17. The Empress - Creates a throne, if the floor under you isn't already a dungeon feature.
  18. The Chariot - Summons a saddled tame nightmare for you to ride.
  19. The Sun - Gain (additional) intrinsic protection.
  20. The Moon - Creates a moonstone, or increases your luck if your luck is less than 1.
  21. The Star - Identifies your inventory.
  22. The World - Prompts you to make a wish.