Disarm (technique)

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Disarm is a technique in SLASH'EM. It is available to all roles and races upon reaching skilled in any weapon skill. It is necessary to use a weapon to disarm a foe; bare hands and martial arts skills cannot be used to disarm foes and do not grant the technique. Unlike most techniques, there is no timeout.

Disarm can only be used if you can see the target and the target's weapon. The target's weapon must not be cursed. If you are fumbling, there is an additional 90% chance of failure.

A successful disarm is based upon the level of the technique and your skill level with the weapon. Higher skill levels will result is more effective disarms, moving the weapon onto your square or into your inventory instead of below the target's feet.


You aren't wielding a proper weapon!
You are not wielding a weapon.
You aren't capable of doing this!
You are not at least skilled in your current weapon.
What do you think <monster> is? A sword swallower?
You are currently engulfed by <monster>
Why don't you try wielding something else instead.
You attempted to disarm yourself.
You don't know where to aim for!
You attempted to disarm a remembered monster.
You don't see anything there!
You attempted to disarm a non-existant or unseen monster.
You can't disarm an unarmed foe!
The target is not wielding a weapon.
You can't see <monster> weapon!
The target is wielding an invisible weapon and you do not see invisible.
You knock <monster>'s <weapon> to the floor!
You successfully disarmed <monster>. The weapon is at your feet.
You snatch <monster>'s <weapon>!
You successfully disarmed <monster>. The weapon is added to your inventory, if possible.
Snatching <monster>'s corpse is a fatal mistake.
You snatched the corpse of a petrifying monster without wearing gloves or possessing stone resistance.
You knock <weapon> from <monster>'s grasp!
You successfully disarmed <monster>. The weapon is at <monster>'s feet.
<monster> evades your attack.
You failed to disarm <monster>.
You fail to dislodge <monster>'s <weapon>.
As above, but monster is paralyzed or asleep.