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Eviscerate is a technique available to lycanthropes in SLASH'EM that allows the player to grow wolf claws and let out a flurry of attacks that can be quite damaging to foes. It is thus a good technique for a low-level player to use in an emergency.

In order to use the eviscerate technique, you must be in human form, not wearing gloves, and not wielding anything in your hand. You will attack up to four times, stun your foe, and do your normal barehanded damage (1d2 plus applicable strength, skill, and other bonuses) and extra damage between half of your current level and your current level + 1. Thus even a low-level lycanthrope can do significant damage; for example, a level 3 lycanthrope can attack up to four times for an average damage of 4.5 damage per hit, much higher if he has a high strength. A level 10 lycanthrope will hit up to four times for an average of 9.5 damage per hit.

The technique lasts for 2d4 + TECHLEVEL/5 + 2 turns and becomes available again in 1000 turns.


  • "Your fingernails extend into claws!" when activated.
  • "You begin slashing monsters with your claws." when attacking.
  • "You retract your claws." when the technique is no longer active.