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--Aheneve (talk) 17:29, 8 January 2014 (UTC)

So, I'm playing the best game I've had in a while and get to the castle level only to find a wand of wishing in one of the rooms off the throne room with several chests (not the rooms at the end of the hallways), which means there is a second wand of wishing coming up.

My gear at the time was:

Blessed amulet of life saving
Magicbane (magic resistance if wielded, + other benes)
Longbow of Diana (Reflection if wielded, + other benes)
a collection of +3 un/poisoned arrows
a collection of +2 un/poisoned arrows
[an assortment of daggers for throwing an better recovery]
uncursed very burnt +2 cloak of protection
blessed +0 elven leather helm
blessed +1 red dragon scale mail (made it myself to replace a +3 Dwarvish mithril coat for weight reasons)
uncursed thoroughly burnt +1 pair of dexterity gauntlets
uncursed pair of jackboots
Ring of warning
ring of levitation
ring of slow digestion (which has led to a massive accumulation of food)
ring of tport control
wands of fire (4-5), death (2, one empty), lightening (5-6 and rarely used due to fire wands), tport
wand of cancellation (2) in a sack properly marked
blessed unicorn horn
magic whistle
blessed tinning kit
Bell of Opening
looking glass
Crystal ball (for the astral planes)
a back-up uncursed (empty) bag of holding
blessed luckstone
Blessed touchstone
a collection of gems for unicorns

in bag of holding..
- backup cursed pair of gauntlets of dexterity
- uncursed +0 jumping boots
- uncursed +0 cloak of displacement
- set of yellow dragon scales
- bajillion scrolls many blank
- set of potions in various stages of alchemy for blessed full healing boost
- un/holy water (11)
- backup and assorted rings for polypiling
- set of wands (20-30)
- horn of plenty (unused due to all the food I have)
- lenses
- tin opener
- candles (11)
- backup unicorn horn

Now, since the Castle hadn't yet been cleared and I had needed to take care of a few things, I wished for the Eye of the Aethiopica and ported to Sokoban (I already had a blessed scroll of charging I'd been saving).

Then, I had been in massive need of polypiling and had never found a wand of polymorph, so I wished for one. Whatever came out of polypiling would determine what the next wishes were. [ a strange game that only produced one scroll of enchant armor by time of the castle, no ring of conflict, no wands of polymorph, no magic markers, just one level earlier the first magic whistle, and no blessed scroll of identify had ever in the game ID'd everything in open inventory :( ]

Through polypiling I acquired:

- another amulet of life saving
- ring of free action
- various things of limited use

Back to the wand of wishing:

wish 1: Eye of the Aethiopica (magic resistance in open inventory, instead of just wielding magicbane)
wish 2: wand of polymorph
wish 3: The Sceptre of Might (for conflict as well as other benefits) -- Poof! didn't make the RNG
[blessed recharged]
wish 4: blessed greased fireproof +3 speed boots
wish 5: blessed greased fireproof +3 T-shirt
wish 6: blessed magic marker (yeah, should have gone uncursed)
wish 7: blessed greased +3 shield of reflection (now I alway have reflection instead of just through wielding the bow)

Still in need of conflict, another polypile yielded a ring of conflict (whew!)

Confuse read my scrolls to Fooproof/fix my armor.

So back to the castle and I have found the second wand of wishing. Now, what to do with it?

So I'm thinking,

wish 1: 2 blessed scrolls of charging
wish 2: can of grease
wish 3: blessed fireproof spellbook of identify
wish 4: helm of opposite alignment
wish 5: uncursed magic marker (two is better than one and this has the right BUC status)
wish 6: ?
wish 7: ?

My thoughts on wishes 6 and 7 are:

SDSM and swap out the shield of reflection so I can spellcast (particularly identify). The debate is that I can wait to find silver dragon scales soon or I can make yellow dragon scale mail for acid resistence and keep using the shield for reflection taking it off to spell cast. It would reverse the earlier wish for the shield of reflection, but an elven shield can be enchanted higher. I keep telling myself to either wear YDSM or wait for SD scales to show up and make my own.

The Orb of Fate (for its benes), but having lost the Sceptre of Might earlier, a bit concerned about burning a wish. I could drop the crystal ball if I had this as well.

The Platinum Yendorian Express Card, but same concern as above

A blessed greased rustproof +3 Helm of Brilliance

and ... ???

Anyone have any input?
— Preceding unsigned comment added by Aheneve (talkcontribs) 15:36, 25 December 2013

(There's no need to use <br /> tags as you did. Please read Help:Formatting. Also, please remember to sign your edits.)
"and this has the right BUC status" …but you can just unbless a blessed marker. (Not saying that you shouldn't wish up a second marker, of course.)
Generally, I'd recommend not using up all your wishes so soon. It never hurts to have spare wishes.
Also, consider using the marker to write genocide to reverse-genocide silver dragons yourself. Similarly for the spellbook of identify. ("Fireproof" won't work on that, anyway.)
Acid resistance wouldn't really be worth it, IMHO.
You don't need the crystal ball; use scrolls of gold detection while confused. If you really want to use a crystal ball, keep it in your BoH.
I'd like to remind you of the fact that the Sceptre of Might is lawful, so you'll need to use a helm of opposite alignment to use it (your other wishes made me assume you're neutral, that is). You can try wishing for it again.
By the way, how many artifacts do already exist?
Perhaps #nethack might also be able to help you more quickly; it's a good channel for wishing advice, which typically requires a lot of question-and-answer dialogue. :) —bcode talk | mail 17:40, 25 December 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for the tips!

Regarding the first point, it makes a LOT of sense to use <br /> tags if its the first way you learned to create line breaks and your girlfriend is telling you to get in the car now to go to her parents house and your telling her "just give me 30 seconds!". :) But otherwise, yeah, having read the page now, you're right.

Yes, I'm a Neutral Ranger, Level 21. I read about the Lawful thing a bit too late. And TBH, didn't really "get" what that meant until ...

I could unbless it and thought about it, but figure having both blessed and unblessed might be handy (but worth a wish? not so sure). Maybe I'll let that stew and see what turns up in the dungeons.

At this point, I haven't discovered a scroll of genocide, so thinking about getting a few blessed ones now. I think I'll wait to find a Silver Dragon to get its scales. If I don't find one, I'll reverse genocide for it, I suppose.

As far as artifacts that exist, just Magicbane, the Longbow of Diana, and the Eye of the Aethiopica. I'm not sure if wishing for and not receiving the Sceptre of Might affects the Artifact tally or not.

Thus far, I have wished for the 2 blessed scrolls of charging (a no brainer), and a can of grease to grease everything down.

I may go for the spellbook of indentify since its a handy spell to have now, not so much for identifying what something is as much as how many charges it has and BUC status.

I may hold on to the other wishes to deal with situations as they arise. A helm of opposite alignment is nice to have, but really an end game thing (except for using lawful items as you mentioned).

Having extra wishes is perhaps one of the few luxuries in Nethack, so I shouldn't get too worked up about using them right away I suppose.

--Aheneve (talk) 05:44, 26 December 2013 (UTC)

What I ended up doing was moving all the chests in the castle down to the valley of the dead and confuse #looting the throne until I got some silver dragon scales. Then I enchanted everything up until my AC is now -41 and did alchemy until my HPs are around 375.

My wishes were:

1: 2 scrolls of charging 2: can of grease 3: blessed spellbook of identify 4: uncursed magic marker (tried wishing for 2) 5: 3 blessed scrolls of genocide (took out L, h, and ;)

and I have on wish left to wrest out of it (it started with just 2 charges)

... and now I've found another wand of wishing in Gehenom starting with 2 charges. :)

--Aheneve (talk) 20:01, 28 December 2013 (UTC)

Just an update. I ascended with 2 charges left in the third wand of wishing and a blessed scroll of genocide in reserve.
The funny thing about ending up with 3 wands of wishing is realizing how little there is to wish for once you have acquired the right gear.