Ring of increase damage

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Name increase damage
Appearance random
Base price 150 zm
Weight 3

A ring of increase damage adds its enchantment to your damage rolls. The enchantment can be altered by charging. This does not affect damage you deal with spells. The effect stacks if you wear two of them.


It is difficult to identify this ring by price identification alone because there are nine other rings which share the 150 zm cost, many of which may not self-identify.

If you have a stethoscope, you can use it to observe the damage you inflict to a creature, and you can use this to determine the exact enchantment of the ring (and of your weapon, for that matter).

Another option is enlightenment. While enlightenment will not identify a +0 ring of increased damage, you'll otherwise receive one of the following messages:

Enchantment Enlightenment Message [1]
-13 or less You have a huge damage penalty.
-12 to -7 You have a large damage penalty.
-6 to -4 You have a moderate damage penalty.
-3 to -1 You have a small damage penalty.
0 [no message]
1 to 3 You have a small damage bonus.
4 to 6 You have a moderate damage bonus.
7 to 12 You have a large damage bonus.
13 or more You have a huge damage bonus.


The ring provides a flat boost to damage. While this is always beneficial, enchanting your weapon to +7 will give better results in most situations and does not require a ring slot. This ring is most useful when dual wielding or throwing multiple projectiles, as it will add the damage bonus to each attack. Monks relying on martial arts may also find it to be useful, as they otherwise have few ways to improve their damage.

If the ring is of an edible material, it may be possible to eat it to permanently gain a damage bonus.


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