Magic chest (FIQHack)

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Name magic chest
Appearance magic chest
Base price 900 zm
Weight 500
Material wood
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.
For magic chests in other variants, see Magic chest.

A magic chest is a type of tool that appears in FIQHack. It is a container that is made of wood.


Magic chests are not randomly generated, though they can be wished for unless the character is in the Elemental Planes. They are always generated uncursed, and start each game completely empty (including magic chests in bones levels).

A magic chest is generated in the following locations:


Magic chests are designed to serve as a heavily-protected stash location, and behave more like a dungeon feature: they cannot be picked up, teleported or polymorphed, and prevent digging down on their square. All of a magic chest's contents are accessible from any other magic chest encountered in the game.

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