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% Mushroom.png
Name mushroom
Base price 9 zm
Nutrition 90
Turns to eat 1
Weight 5
Conduct vegan

A mushroom is a new item in SLASH'EM and SLASH'EM Extended. When eaten, it will have one of the following effects:

Chance Effect Message
2/10 Unless you are poison-resistant, lose 1-4 strength, and 1-15 health. "You feel rather ill..." (if not poison resistant)
"You burp loudly" (if poison resistant)
1/10 Stunned for 30 (more) turns. "That mushroom tasted a little funny"
1/10 Hallucinate for 150 (more) turns. "Whoa! Everything looks groovy!"
1/10 Gain 1 strength. "You feel stronger!"
5/10 Nothing special happens. "This mushroom is delicious!"