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NetHackWiki has the potential to become a one-stop spoiler for everything NetHack related. Asking what a message means is a very common question in RGRN and a common use for Rodney (bot). The goal of the message redirection project is to have a redirect from every message in the game to a relevant article. A user should be able to copy a message straight from NetHack and paste it into the search box, and be enlightened.

For messages which are caused by a single object, or in a single situation, there should be a single obvious page to redirect to. When a message has multiple causes, such as You feel guilty, create a dedicated disambiguation page for it.

There are thousands of messages in NetHack. Fortunately, MediaWiki is clever, and there is no significant penalty in creating thousands of redirect pages.

The syntax for a page that redirects to another page is to put #REDIRECT [[link]] on the first line. For example, the redirects at You feel sensitive and You feel sensitive! redirect to Warning by using:

#REDIRECT [[Warning]]

To actually reach the edit screen for the page, you can type an URL (like or use this form: