Orb of maintenance

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( Crystal ball.png
Name orb of enchantment
Appearance glass orb
Base price 750 zm
Weight 75
Material glass
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

The orb of maintenance is a magical tool that appears in NetHack brass. It appears as a "glass orb" when unidentified.


Applying an orb of enchantment with charges allows you to repair erosion on a selected object. The effect is dependent on beatitude - an uncursed orb reduces erosion, a blessed orb completely repairs the item, and a cursed orb increases erosion.


All non-crystal ball glass orbs have a base price of 750 zm, making it trivial to distinguish them from crystal balls via price identification - beyond this, all glass orbs weigh 75 aum, meaning that the three non-crystal ball orbs can only be distinguished through formal identification or use-testing. The latter is risky since you may possibly trigger an orb of destruction.

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