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% File:Pineapple .png
Name pineapple
Base price 9 zm
Nutrition 85
Turns to eat 2
Weight 5
Conduct vegan

The pineapple is a kind of comestible in SpliceHack and Hack'EM.


It is considered vegan food, and gives 85 nutrition when eaten. Thrown pineapples will not break when thrown unless they hit a monster.

Pineapples get a +4 to-hit bonus and a +2 damage bonus when used as a thrown weapon.


In Hack'EM, pineapples an be upgraded (via tinker or dipping in a potion of gain level) to a random bomb type.

Pineapples also count as an herb for the Dungeon Growths patch and will slowly propagate themselves if left alone on the ground.