Playing card deck

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( Playing card.png
Name playing card deck
Appearance pack of cards
Base price 80 zm
Weight 10
Material leather
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A playing card deck is a tool from SpliceHack. When unidentified, it appears as a pack of cards. It allows the player to evaluate their Luck. It shares its appearance with the dangerous deck of fate.

A noncursed playing card deck will produce the following results:

Luck Message
Luck <= 0 "You draw a hand of five cards. It's not very good..."
0 < Luck < 5 "You draw a hand of five cards. Two pair!"
5 < Luck < 13 "You draw a hand of five cards. Full house!"
Luck >= 13 "You draw a hand of five cards. Wow, a royal flush!"

If the deck is blessed, the message will identify a high card or kicker with a face value equal to your current Luck, if it is above zero. For example, when used by a character with a Luck of 12: "You draw a hand of five cards. Full house! The high card is the queen of clubs." A cursed deck will produce the results in reverse, giving a royal flush at Luck <= 0 and a bad hand at Luck >= 13.

Cartomancers can use all playing card decks as if they were blessed.

A playing card deck can also be used to bribe lawful demon princes in Gehennom. The demon will offer to play cards with you if they notice a deck in your inventory. If the result of a d13 is greater than or equal to your Luck, they will "crush the deck" (which oddly does not destroy it) and become hostile. Otherwise, they will congratulate you on winning, then disappear.