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NetHack panics when it reaches a state where it is completely impossible to continue the current session by terminating the game immediately with the messages "Oops... Suddenly, the dungeon collapses.", sometimes generating a backup saved game if the game can be recovered to a point where it is continuable.


It is very rare for a normal game to result in a panic; however, several bugs in NetHack 3.4.3 revolve around panics, usually involving monsters or objects being destroyed under unusual circumstances; exceptions include C343-23, "Dungeon collapses after vault guard fails to lead you out.", and C343-383, "Applying a bullwhip while hero is at edge of map may cause a panic or crash."

It is handled through the panic() function in Source:end.c.

Less serious errors can result in an impossible message.


There's even a rumor about this.

They say that collapsing a dungeon often creates a panic.

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