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"Item destruction by both weapons should be considered a minor drawback. They do not destroy items on the ground nor items generated by death drop. In the early game weapon damage (which keeps you alive) is likely preferable to item preservation. In the late game, when the ascension kit has already been assembled (and all potions and spellbooks required have been collected) this drawback is irrelevant. In the mid game the player may wish to switch to a different weapon for easy to defeat monsters to avoid this drawback. Players pursuing a difficult conduct may wish to avoid item destruction entirely."

Hey, why was this deleted?

luxidream agreed that item destruction is rare but presented here too prominently. Too many words?

Item destruction, while possible, is a rare drawback. Both weapons do not destroy items on the ground, nor items generated by death drop. Frost Brand can only affect potions, which may not be important to the player. Fire Brand destroys potions, scrolls, and spellbooks carried by monsters but might not even be relevant depending on circumstances.

If there's a better or shorter wording let me know, but item destruction should be explained as minor.


FireBrand, as of 3.7, can be used to burn a permanent Elbereth into the ground without dulling it by Engraving. Celefoombor (talk) 21:56, 21 February 2022 (UTC)