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The Master of Thieves is generated with quest leader flags for everyone except Tourists; for that role, the M3_WANTSARTI flag is added at character creation. Wiztesting indicates that the note about hostile MoT stealing the MKoT from rogues is entirely false, and should be removed. -- Kallipygos on #nethack/NAO

He may not be covetous to a rogue, but he has the AD_SAMU attack - this is what is necessary to steal the quest artifact, not the covetous nature. It's the inverse of master- and arch-liches, which are covetous, but, lacking any artifact-stealing attack, never actually steal the Book of the Dead. Trust me, I have wiztested this, by killing him with a wand of death until he left a corpse, dragging that corpse outside, and reviving it. Otherwise, he will of course instantly expel you from the quest branch without even attacking if you make him hostile. Also, if you're wiztesting this, remember the artifact-steal only works 1/20 of the time. -Ion frigate 14:24, 14 February 2011 (UTC)