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An update

I still actively play (local copies of) SLASH'EM, but I never made the leap to post-3.4.3 or any of its variants. Call me old-school. I could write a whole essay on why I didn't, but I feel like it would just come off as Yet Another Player Complaining That They Changed It And Now It Sucks, and that's not really something I feel like putting out into the world. If you enjoy the new versions, I mean this sincerely: good for you. I'm glad the devteam has made a product that will keep NetHack alive, rather than letting it slowly fade away. It just wasn't to my own personal taste (yes, I did try it).

At this point, my goal for this wiki is to make some edits about lore ("fluff"), where my lack of experience in 3.6+ won't be an issue. I might also edit some SLASH'EM articles, since that hasn't changed in the past decade.

My unencyclopedic (for now) notes on what we should eventually add to the shopkeeper article

Winning every class in SLASH'EM