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Reference to NES game

I'm deleting the edit again, because it still doesn't seem plausible (let alone "very likely") that this is a deliberate reference. NetHack in general is very light on references to other non-Roguelike video games; the only ones I can think of offhand are the wumpus and the Gauntlet messages when you're hungry or near death. The edit claims that Karnov received an "overwhelmingly positive" reception from Dragon magazine, but neither this page nor the Wikipedia article links the actual review, and it's not clear whether 4.5/5 is a particularly high rating in the context of Dragon's video game reviews at the time. I really don't think Karnov was especially "popular" or "influential"; to the contrary, it seems to be mostly forgotten. Finally, the edit argues that the two games were contemporaneous, both being released in 1987 -- but the Quests, and Shaman Karnov by extension, weren't added until 1993. For these reasons, I think the similar names are just a coincidence. --Darth l33t 01:39, May 25, 2010 (UTC)