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I suspect it was a silly misspelling, but I don't want to change it to "food" without knowing for sure. Does SporkHack really have a new spell that enables you to detect your foot? 18:39, February 26, 2010 (UTC)

Yes. --paxed 22:35, February 26, 2010 (UTC)
What exactly does "detect foot" do? 20:23, 20 July 2011 (UTC)
It makes sure not all of the high-level spells are useful. --Tjr 21:54, 20 July 2011 (UTC)

Things to know in SporkHack

I need to put this info down in one spot somewhere so I don't forget, and more importantly, for players new to this variant.

1) genocide liches and hill giant shamans when you get a chance, in that order. Locusts could be added to this list as well. Liches are just *nasty* in the late game, unless you don't mind not having any armor. Also, a blessed scroll of genocide only takes out the top two strongest monsters of that class (most of the time). Can't genocide magical eyes (I had listed here earlier that you could... ah well).

2) don't cast light (spell/scroll/wand) near friendlies or pets that have eyes. This cost me a promising game once with my quest leader...

3) you cant reliably sacrifice for artifacts until xp lvl 20 or so (but you can get really nice regular gear instead at lower levels).

4) only lawful Knights can dip for Excalibur.

5) the mysterious force was removed, but to compensate, monsters spawn on a much more regular basis when you have the Amulet. Especially the nasty ones right when you reach the stairs going up to the next level.

6) two-weaponing is nerfed (skill level determines the weight you can handle in off-hand), it's really only fully viable for samurai and rogues (but valks and knights do ok if you don't mind using a spear or short sword for your off-hand weapon).

7) don't attack grey ferns. ever. unless you have a quick means of curing yourself or can attack at range. Still not sure if it's safe to eat the corpses or not (it is safe, but they are poisonous, much like eating a killer bee corpse).

8) reflection is not 100%, so intrinsics become much more important than usual. This makes Angels and other monsters that can attack with a shower of missiles a serious threat, especially if/when you reach the Astral plane. EDIT - to add to this, magic resistance does not completely negate magic missile/shower of missiles, it only cuts the damage in half (or by one quarter if you also have half spell damage). This fact alone makes Astral Plane one of the most difficult levels of the game. Plan accordingly.

9) intrinsics are granted incrementally, it's not all or nothing. so it takes eating a lot of monsters to get to 100% intrinsic for poison/cold/fire/shock/sleep/disintegration/telepathy (it only takes two black dragon corpses to be 100% disintegration resistant). This makes tinning kits a much sought after item.

10) however, eating a corpse that grants an intrinsic can and will give you a percentage of more than just one intrinsic at the same time. especially your blob/pudding types.

11) auto searching is a good thing, as traps are a thing in SporkHack, and there are more varied types.

12) you will *never* find a magic marker in-game. the only way to obtain one is to wish or (maybe) polypile for it.

13) Vlad is much more of a bad-ass in SporkHack. Proceed with caution, and you probably want to find a source of drain resistance.

14) fireproofed water walking boots will save you a lot of headache (read: lava).

15) if you haven't genocided Liches, make damn sure you keep several scrolls of enchant armor w/ a means to confuse yourself on-hand, or be able to reliably cast 'repair armor' spell. doesn't matter if you've foo-proofed your gear. you've been warned.

16) Demogorgon has a significant chance of spawning with Orcus automatically. so come prepared. standing on scroll of scare monster works, as does a paralyze potion upside demo's head.

17) Demons and devils really like to summon more of their brethren. A lot. Frequently. This fact alone can take seasoned players by surprise in places like the Valley of the Dead.

18) conflict working reliably or not is determined by your charisma. even at 18, there's a 5% chance of it not working still.

19) Resources can be scarce. Prepare accordingly (see #12 from above).

20) unicorn horns will not restore lost attribute points, so it's a good idea to keep a couple of potions of restore ability on-hand.

--K2 (talk) 03:22, 30 December 2017 (UTC)