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DnD 3.5 comments: Trident vs Longspear

The long spear is a two handed Basic reach weapon. A medium character can use it to attack enemies two squares away, but not adjacent foes (You generally have to improvise for minimal damage, or lose a turn to drop the spear on the ground and draw a secondary weapon). Since it is two handed you apply a +50% strength bonus to damage.

The trident is a one handed Martial weapon. It is used to attack adjacent enemies. You can also throw a trident without improvisation penalty. The weapon can be used with a shield or wielded two handed for a +50% strength bonus to damage. The trident is a below average martial weapon for damage output, but this is in theory offset by its flexibility. --PeterGFin 16:41, 5 November 2011 (UTC) (This material is SRD)