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On a Friday the 13th, SLASH'EM Extended makes a bunch of gameplay changes designed to significantly increase game difficulty. There's also the "elmstreet" birth option that mirrors this effect, which can be activated by adding the following line to the configuration file:


Here's a (probably incomplete) list of changes that are activated by playing on Friday the 13th or in elm street mode:

  • Evil variant monsters and ones with certain dangerous attacks will spawn much more often.
  • Grease has a bigger chance of wearing off.
  • Monsters that need a +X weapon to hit have a much higher chance of being unaffected if the player uses an insufficiently enchanted ewapon.
  • Aggravate monster spawns twice as many hostile monsters.
  • Untrapping fails more often.
  • Sanity times out more slowly.
  • Bad luck times out more slowly (but good luck still times out at the regular rate).
  • The curse items effect will curse twice as many items on average.
  • Amnesia causes the player to forget much more stuff per incident.
  • Using a well has a higher chance of it becoming poisoned.
  • Artifact wishes fail more often, and if they fail, the chance of the player getting a random bad artifact force-welded to them is also higher than normal.
  • If the player takes damage, there's a small chance of taking even more damage.
  • The magic trap effects that jumbles items in the player's inventory (or deals damage if a certain option is set) hits more items on average.
  • Having a lizard corpse in open inventory does not protect the player from cockatrices during a new moon.
  • Trees are much less likely to drop ripe fruit.
  • Contamination effects have a chance of giving more contamination at once.
  • Engravings erode more quickly.
  • The player is more likely to misengrave.
  • Ranged weapons used by the player get lower multishot on average.
  • Unicorns are much less likely to boost the player's luck when throwing gems.
  • The player's kick attack is more likely to be clumsy.
  • Kicking a tree is less likely to produce fruit.
  • Towels, whistles and stethoscopes break or degrade more often.
  • Unicorn horns are less likely to fix troubles.
  • Polearms and other weapons with a reach attack are more likely to break.
  • Standing on an Elbereth square is more likely to scare the player.
  • Being overloaded will deal more damage to the player.
  • Numbness is more likely to paralyze the player.
  • Having too many spells memorized will cause spells to be erased much more often.
  • Premature death strikes more often.
  • Standing on a mattress is more likely to cause the player to fall asleep.
  • Sandstorms and snowstorms are more common.
  • Nether mist drains the player's experience more quickly.
  • The ancient morgothian curse, black breath curse and topi ylinen curse trigger more often.
  • The player's HP recovery rate goes up more slowly with constitution and experience level.
  • Map amnesia procs more often.
  • The random chance that something good happens is capped at 80% and also generally lower than normally, this affects a lot of things including death drops or finding items inside containers.
  • The various types of more dangerous curses are more common on cursed equipment. Items also generate cursed more often.
  • Picking a lock is harder.
  • The player's chance to survive when overeating is much lower.
  • Positive intrinsics from eating food are less likely, especially teleport control.
  • Stairscumming is more restrictive.
  • Pets gain less nutrition from eating.
  • Occasionally pets can betray the player, even when not of a traitorious kind.
  • Altars are more likely to vanish when used.
  • Dropping an item whose BUC isn't known on a Moloch altar is much more likely to curse the item.
  • Sometimes, trying to identify a ring via sink or an amulet via toilet may not produce any message.
  • Magic portals summon hostile monsters more often.
  • Digging via slow methods takes longer.
  • Writing something with a magic marker will occasionally cost much more ink.
  • Trap detection methods have a lower chance per trap of successfully detecting it.
  • Magic mapping reveals less squares.
  • Sokoban levels are more likely to have certain aspects not pre-mapped.
  • Magic fountains are less likely to give a boon when quaffed from.
  • Quaffing from fountains has a higher chance of giving a nasty trap effect or drowning the player.
  • Creating Excalibur or Dirge is three times less likely.
  • Experience drain attacks and effects will take off more of the player's experience points on average and are therefore also more likely to actually drain a level.
  • Demon lords that can be bribed will require twice as much gold to bribe.

Also, a lot of The Evil Variant effects are in lesser effect during a Friday the 13th: many things on the Evil Variant list have a 20% chance of being active (usually rolled whenever the effect in question is used, so e.g. eating slimy corpses will give slippery hands 1 out of 5 times). Of course, having both Friday the 13th and the evil variant active means that the evil variant effects are in full effect, all the time (so eating a slimy corpse under those conditions will always give slippery hands).