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This page lists the various item materials in SLASH'EM Extended. Some of them can rust, corrode, burn or rot, and certain materials are subject to specific erosion types only if the game is played in evilvariant mode.

Players can change the base material of an item by using a material kit, which will affect all instances of that base item. Example: using a glass material kit on a dagger means that from now on all "dagger" items will be made of glass (including ones that were generated before the kit was used), but e.g. "orcish dagger" or "elven dagger" will be unaffected since they're different base items.

Turning on the "materialglyph" option will show abbreviations for items' materials in inventory and also in some messages.

Material Type Rustable Corrodeable Burnable Rottable Additional info
Mysterious Inedible ? ? ? ?
Liquid ? n n n n
Wax Organic n n y y
Veggy Organic n n y y
Flesh Organic n n y y
Paper Organic n n y y
Cloth Organic n n y y
Leather Organic n n y y
Wood Organic n n y y
Bone Lithic n n n evil Has a chance to resist item-stealing attempts
Dragonhide Organic n n evil evil
Iron Metallic y y n n
Metal Metallic n evil n n
Copper Metallic n y n n Armor provides partial sickness resistance, weapons deal extra damage to fungi
Silver Metallic n evil n n Weapons deal extra damage to demons, vampires and werefoo
Gold Metallic n n n n Resists curse items effects
Platinum Metallic n evil n n Provides partial contamination resistance
Mithril Metallic n n n n
Plastic Inedible n n y n
Glass Lithic n n n n
Gemstone Lithic n n n n
Mineral Lithic n n n n
Viva Metallic n y y n More effective when eroded
Inka Organic y n evil y Accessories are hard to take off, weapons deal extra damage to animals, resistance to bad effects
Tar Lithic n y n n
Silk Organic n n y n
Arcanium Inedible y y y y
Secree Organic n y n y
Pourpoor Metallic y y y n
Compost Organic n n evil y Rottedness doesn't negatively impact the item's performance
Eternium Metallic y y n n Resists most forms of item destruction
Ether Metallic y n y n Speeds up contamination, especially when equipped
Brick Lithic y y y y Resists withering
Sand Lithic evil evil n y Makes player resistant to sandstorms
Shadowstuff Inedible n n evil evil Makes darkness effects less likely to occur
Obsidian Lithic n evil evil n Grants resistance to cursed unicorn horn and forgotten spell effects
Lead Metallic n evil evil n Partial contamination resistance (higher than platinum) and resistance to really bad effects
Chrome Metallic n y evil n Partial resistance to poison
Ceramic Lithic n n evil n Weapons and armor are more effective, but also dull more quickly
Nanomachine Inedible evil evil y y Slowly repairs itself over time when in the player's open inventory