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Sir Garland

Sir Garland.png @: weapon +1d6

Garland's combat abilities are nothing special. Of note, Sir Garland wields both a longsword and a spare lance.

You impertinent fools.
I, Garland, will knock
you all down!!
[ Final Fantasy ]


Nightmare (dnethack).png u: Cursed Unicorn horn 1d12, 4x flaming hooves 1d6

Nightmare's cursed unicorn horn attack inflicts a random status ailment, chosen from: blindness, confusion, stunning, hallucination, illness, or a one-point loss of a random attribute.

It leaves behind the cursed artifact Nighthorn if killed by a method that can leave a corpse.


Tiamat.png D: random breath attack, bite, mage spells

So, you have come this
the Wind will now put an
end to your adventure!!
[ Final Fantasy ]


Garland.png @: 2x weapon +1d6

Garland isn't any more threatening the second time around. Though he has gained a few levels, he should be much weaker than anyone capable of reaching him. He is armed with a runesword in this incarnation, rather than a longsword and a lance.

Remember me, Garland?
Your puny lot thought it
had defeated me. But,
the four FIENDS sent me
back 2000 years into
the past.
[ Final Fantasy ]


Chaos.png &: Enchantment removing weapon +4d2, Poisonous bit 3d4, monster spellcasting, huge HP total. Slow (speed 9).

The primary danger in the fight against Chaos is his extreme HP total.

Chaos favors lightning bolt, fire pillar, and geyser when casting spells, but casts from a standard spell list as well.

Garland's hatred
burned for 2000
years. That
hatred led the
Four Powers to
this world.

created from
those Four.
Evil dominated
the world and
covered it in
[ Final Fantasy ]