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The Elder Priest of Moloch

Elder priest.png @ Sanctum (forced) *weapon +2d10, paralysis gaze 4d4 turns, amulet-stealing tentacles 2d10, extended tentacle attack, 2x cleric spellcasting. Fast (speed 15)

Guardian of the Amulet of Yendor, the elder priest of Moloch is a contender for the title of "second most dangerous monster in dnethack." Its raw melee damage is threatening, however, the real danger is its extended tentacle attack, which can destroy or remove a character's protective equipment.

The elder priest should be killed at range if at all possible. Be warned, however, that the elder priest is immortal and will quickly revive after being slain.

From Leng, where rocky peaks climb bleak and bare
Under cold stars obscure to human sight,
There shoots at dusk a single beam of light
Whose far blue rays make shepherds whine in prayer.
They say (though none has been there) that it comes
Out of a pharos in a tower of stone,
Where the last Elder One lives on alone,
Talking to Chaos with the beat of drums.

The Thing, they whisper, wears a silken mask
Of yellow, whose queer folds appear to hide
A face not of this earth, though none dares ask
Just what those features are, which bulge inside.
Many, in man’s first youth, sought out that glow,
But what they found, no one will ever know.
[ H. P. Lovecraft, Fungi from Yuggoth XXVII. ]