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Acererak, the Demi-Lich

Ages past, a human magic-user/cleric of sur-
passing evil took the steps necessaly to preserve his life force
beyond the centuries he had already lived, and this creature
became the lich, Acererak. Over the scores of years which fol-
lowed, the lich dwelled with hordes of ghastly servants in the
gloomy stone halls of the very hill where the Tomb is. Eventu-
ally even the undead life force of Acererak began to wane, so
for the next 8 decades, the lich’s servants labored to create the
Tomb of Horrors. Then Acererak destroyed all of his slaves and
servitors, magically hid the entrance to his halls, and went to
his final haunt, while his soul roamed strange planes unknown
to even the wisest of sages.

[ Tomb of Horrors, by Gary Gygax ]

Binding Ritual

Acererak can only be bound after destroying him on the quest.


Binding Dahlver-Nar expels Acererak.


You have gemstones for eyes.


Your gemstone eyes can be seen from a distance.


You can hide your eyes with any covering, even a pair of lenses.


Acererak protects against leg injuries.



Active Powers

  • Swallow Soul: You suck out and consume the soul of one adjacent creature of lower level than you.

Passive Powers

  • Speak with Dead: You can pacify undead and hear rumors from corpses using the #chat command.
  • Death Sense: You sense all undead on the level.

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