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Ahazu the Seizer

All shall feed the Shattered Night.

Ahazu exists within a starry void known as Shattered Night. He seeks to draw as many creatures as possible into the night with him.

Binding Ritual

Ahazu's seal must be drawn in a square containing a pit trap.


You must not become weak with hunger while bound to Ahazu.


There is a starry void in the back of your throat.


The mark won't be detected from a distance.


The mark can be hidden by wearing a mask.


You are immune to engulfing attacks.


Flails, including iron balls.

Active Powers

  • Abduction: Attempt to remove single adjacent monster from the game. You must have injured the monster with a melee attack or a thrown or fired projectile. You do not receive XP for the monster, and most of their inventory vanishes with them. However, your prayer timeout or god's anger is decreased as though you had sacrificed the victim, and you gain any beneficial effects that you would have gained from eating their corpse, while avoiding any harmful effects. You do not gain any nutrition from abducted creatures, though.

Passive Powers

  • Engulf: Creatures you attack in melee will be abducted at 10% hp or less. This is meant to be as much a hindrance as a help.
  • Shadow Well: Creatures you attack in melee have a 20% chance of losing their next move.
  • Swallow: You can eat any meal in 1 turn.
  • Hunger: You lose nutrition at a greatly increased rate.