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Seal of Andrealphus.jpg

Andrealphus, Marquis of Angles

"Angles and curves multiply about me. I perceive great segments of time through curves. There is curved time, and angular time. The beings that exist in angular time cannot enter curved time. It is very strange."

His voice had risen to a scream. "Frank, Frank, a terrible and unspeakable deed was done in the beginning. Before time, the deed, and from the deed—"

He had risen and was hysterically pacing the room. "The seeds of the deed move through angles in dim recesses of time. They are hungry and athirst!"

The Hounds of Tindalos, Frank Belknap Long 1929

Binding Ritual

Andrealphus exists in corners. His seal must be drawn in the corner of a room, and you must #chat to the seal such that the corner is across from you.


You must not dig through walls. It is permissible to dig through rough stone.


Your shadow takes on the semblance of depth.


From a distance, the strangeness of your shadow can't be seen.


Stand in a dark square.


You gain teleport control.


Andrealphus grants skill in Escape spells.

Active Powers

  • Transdimensional Ray: Fire an invisible beam that passes through walls, teleports struck monsters, and deals 1d5 dice of damage to them.
  • Teleport: Hungerless teleport.

Passive Powers

  • Angle-fighter: Your AC increases when you stand in a corner.
  • Strange angles: You can always fit through narrow openings.