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Seal of Andromalius.jpg

Andromalius the Repentant Rogue

There is a legend.

Once, there was a rogue, the favorite servant of the Thief God. With his dying breath, the rogue renounced theft, thereby stealing his soul from the God.

Binding Ritual

Andromalius's seal must contain any two of the following: a sack, a silver key, a golden ring, a coin, a dagger, an apple, a scroll, a tin whistle, a mirror, an egg, a potion, a dead cave spider, a dead member of your own race, a dead elf/dwarf/gnome/orc/hobbit/human/or primate, a spellbook, a bell, a set of lockpicks, and a live sewer rat.

The chosen objects are removed from the game. In their place, Andromalius gives you a third item drawn from the list. You may receive a tame sewer rat as your third item.


You must not make use of any item that was stolen from a shopkeeper, nor directly steal from a shop. Warning: the binder's starting food and weapons are stolen, so (for example) eating the starting food will immediately unbind Andromalius.


Your facial features take on the rigidity of a bad disguise.


Your odd face will not be noticed from a distance.


Wear a mask or stay out of the light.


You are immune to theft.


Andromalius grants skill in daggers.

Active Powers

  • Jester's Mirth: Immobilize a single adjacent monster with laughter for 1d5 + 1/10 levels. They will be vulnerable to sneak attacks while immobilized.
  • Thief's Instincts: Detect hidden doors and traps.

Passive Powers

  • Detect Thieves: You gain warning against all monsters with a theft attack. Which may be less useful than it sounds, given that they can't steal from you.
  • Sneak attack: Sneak attack as a Rogue.
  • Know Stolen: Can tell whether or not an item is stolen.