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Seal of Balam.jpg

Balam, the Last Sacrifice

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from saving me, so far from my cries of anguish?

[Psalm 22]

Binding Ritual

Balam's seal must be drawn on an icy square. You must wield a weapon when addressing Balam.


You must not sacrifice intelligent creatures.


Freezing water leaks from deep wounds in your wrists, ankles, and neck.


Balam's mark can be seen at a distance, and is harder to disguise up close.


  • Distance: Wear a cloak or torso armor.
  • Close: Additionally wear gloves and boots.


You take 1/2 magical damage.


Balam grants skill in whips.

Active Powers

  • Icy Glare: Deals 5 dice of ice damage to the first target in the indicated direction, and half damage to all targets in a ~90 degree wedge centered on the chosen direction. Blinds you for 5 turns. Also freezes water in the wedge. This power's range is 1 square/2 levels.
  • Balam's Anointing: Makes a touch attack (requiring a to-hit roll) against a single adjacent creature. Target takes 5 dice of cold damage. A target with a head and without thick skin may be killed outright (10% chance). A target with a head, eyes, and thick skin instead takes double damage and is blinded. Otherwise, this power has no extra effect.

Passive Powers

  • Balam's Martyrdom: When you have negative AC, you roll twice for effective AC and use the lower result.