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Seal of Berith.jpg

Berith, the Red Horseman

From Baal: God, and Berith: Covenant. The name of a deity worshiped in ancient Canaan, reviled as a demon by the early Israelites, and later the Christians.

Binding Ritual

Berith requires that his seal be drawn around a set of riding gloves, riding boots, a saddle, a saber, a longsword, a bow, or a lance.

Alternatively, the binder must wear a blessed silver ring on their left finger while chatting to the seal.


You must not kill a pet or former pet.


You appear drenched in blood, as does your mount (if any).


The blood can be easily seen from a distance.


If you wear torso armor, gloves, boots, and a helm the red color will take the form of enamel, rather than blood. You must dismount from your steed.


Your mount (if any) benefits from your resistances.


Berith grants skill in Lance, Sabers, and Riding, and increases your BAB to full (i.e. +1 to-hit per level).

Active Powers

  • Blood Mercenary: Fires an invisible beam dealing 5 dice of damage in a chosen direction. Damage is non-elemental, but must be financed by your visible gold, ie, you loose gold equal to the total damage dealt by this attack.
  • Sow Discord: Monsters on the level attack each other for 5 turns + your die size.

Passive Powers

  • Blood-price: monsters may drop gold instead of corpses