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Buer.gifBuer Seal.jpg

Buer,who walks all places

Who are you, and where are you going?

Binding Ritual

There are no restrictions or requirements to bind Buer.


You must not use death magic (wands of death and finger of death)


Your legs bifurcate into four cloven hooved feet.


Your strange feet can be seen from a distance.


Wear boots.


You gain hungerless regeneration.


Buer grants skill in Healing spells.

Buer grants skill in Martial arts.

Buer permanently teaches you martial arts.

Active Powers

  • Gift of Healing: Heal single adjacent target of 5 dice of damage. May also be used to heal yourself. Is perhaps best used to keep your pets alive, as monster healing is MUCH slower than PC healing (1 hp per 20 turns).
  • Gift of Health: Clear most status ailments from single adjacent target. May also be used to remove status ailments from yourself.

Passive Powers